Solo Presenter on Shark Tank

S4 E26 Episode 426

Under pressure, pitched a deal to the sharks which was $100k for a 10% stake.  BEST PART OF THE PITCH: Brian has come up with away to avoid all the hassles that the airlines and TSA has added to lugging luggage. He has a door-to-door luggage shipping service that picks up your luggage from your home and sends it to wherever you're going ahead of time. He's sold $215,000 gross in 10 months and has netted $70,000. Brian charges between $39 and $99 to ship a bag based on its size.

Chief Negotiator in Luggage Forward Acquisition

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"We are pleased to be adding LugLess to our arsenal. We have known the LugLess team for several years and are very impressed with what they've built," said Zeke Adkins, Co-Founder of Luggage Forward.

"LugLess is thrilled to join Luggage Forward and its family of luggage delivery brands. We are excited that even though Shark Tank did not bite, Luggage Forward did," said Brian Altomare, Founder of LugLess.